The Stork Room

With its warm and soothing atmosphere babies as young as 6 weeks can sleep, play and be cuddled in a space designed just for them.

The Crawler to Junior Ones Room

Infants who are learning to crawl and walk need space to explore and our Crawler Room has plenty.

The Toddlers and Twos

Our Toddler program is designed to support the mind and body of active one and two year old children.

The Threes and young fours

In our Pre-K Prep classes, three and young four year olds are surrounded by materials to introduce them to early math and language skills.


We are proud to be providers of two Georgia Pre-K classes. Pre-K is designed to prepare children for kindergarten by offering developmentally appropriate lessons in fun and creative way.

After school

School age children are provided a place to do homework and have fun with friends in our afterschool program.

Summer Camp

Summer is a time of relaxation and fun! In our Summer Camp Program school age children continue learning through themed activities, events and field trips.

About The Caterpillar House

Here at The Caterpillar House we strive to promote individuality and self-confidence as your child develops the skills essential to social interaction. We also utilize a superior learning system, Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized educational program tailored to each age group from infant to pre-adolescent.  Our exceptional teaching staff and specialized programs are each designed with your child at the center of the development process where we pride ourselves in providing a patient, loving and nurturing experience with each child respected as a unique individual. 

The Caterpillar House has served Newnan, Coweta County for two years now as a thriving childcare center.  We cherish every moment we have had to touch the lives of the children in our care.  During these two years we have focused on what the norm of formalized childcare is and researched ways to improve and exceed the traditional approach to early childhood education. 

In today’s world of social media when our children eagerly assimilate into the commonplace world of the internet, computer games and texting as a primary method of social interaction it is essential that parents and teachers recognize that face-to-face social skills be developed and retained so that our children will become prepared to face life’s challenges. We want our children to not only learn these fast-paced electronic skills as they enjoy their day at CAN, we want them to thrive socially, develop self-confidence and courage while also learning to have sensitivity and empathy for others.  These skills are not always inherited. Rather they are learned within the social environment they are a part of.

Amazing feedback


“We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE The Caterpillar House. The facility is beautiful and the staff is fantastic!
Our baby boy has been going to CH Since he was 11 weeks old, and I just can't say enough how much I adore the ladies at this daycare.
Everyone is friendly, and you can tell that they just love the kids that are in their care.
The place is IMMACULATE, colorful, and a great location.
There is no others place we would even consider putting our little bundle of joy.
The cameras they have in the rooms can be accessed at any time, and every time I have peeked into the infant room, the babies are all being well cared for, and the ladies are constantly cleaning the room if they don't have an arm full of babies.
I highly recommend CH for childcare in Newnan!”

- Adrienne Denton Embrey